Script-in-Hand reading 7pm-9pm Monday 18th April 2011

Posted on April 14, 2011

OUR 100th SCRIPT-in-HAND!!

Hello Script-in-Hand Members,

Wow! It was virtually standing room only for our first meeting of the year last month. A great evening of new scripts were read with the help of talented actors and directors. We joined both experienced and emerging playwrights as their work came to life for the first time. More than one gem emerged, and no doubt we will see them produced at many a venue in the future. As usual all of us writers, actors, directors, and audience learned plenty about what works and what doesn’t in a script, and that’s the joy of Script-in-Hand. Everyone involved gives of their professional best and that’s what makes it so worthwhile. Our meeting this month consists of another seven brand new pieces of writing that are having their first moved, public reading. One of them will be our 100th script read. Come along and enjoy. It’ll be another great evening.

So, here’s the line up of your readings at the Script-in-Hand meeting at El Rocco Nightclub, 154 Brougham St, Kings Cross, Monday 18th April 2011, starting at 7pm sharp.

A Different Kind of Mother by Peter Shelly (Monlogue, 10 mins)

Marilyn Rose: Kate Buchanan

Director: Peter Shelly

Stolen Heart by Vee Malnar (Play 10 mins)

Eve: Annbrita Nilsson
Constable Jones: Garreth Cruikshank

Director: Vee Malnar

Imprisoned in Sleep by Faith de Savigne (Play, 20 min)

Dr. Harry Bailey: Peter East
Nurse Beattie: Katie Ryerson
Nurse Townsend: Melissa Gerolimos
Mrs. Xigis: Melissa Gerolimos
Wife of patient: Fiona Moody
Coroner: Grant Evans
Matron Robson: tbc
Dr. Gill: Grant Evans
Health Minister: Abe Mitchell
Male Patient: Wayne Underwood
Female Patient Fiona Moody

Director: Chantelle Corbett


Byebyeees by Kate Toon (Play, 10 min)

Brian Brown: Kim Knuckey
Barbara Brown: Christine Greenough
Narrator: tba

Director: Allan Walpole

Happy Anniversary by David Attrill (Play, 10 min)

Ray: Lynden Jones
Rose: Lucy Miller

Director: Pauline Kingsford-Smith

Sunglasses by Michelle Tan (Play, 10min)

Grandma: Penelope Grace
Rachel: Trudi Boatwright
Suitcase: Fleur Beaupert
Nurse: Kate McGinniskin
Flynn: Aaron Nilan
Director: Michael McCrann

Marleen’s Wedding by Frank Davidson (Play, 10 min)

Mum: Colleen Henry
Marleen: Jennifer van Heeckeren

Director: Karen Bayley

Hope to see you there,
Your SIH Producers Gerry Greenland & Stephen Carnell